• Two Bridges Regional Jail Authority

    Two Bridges Jail Authority on March 13 reviewed a draft policy on employees' pay structure.

  • West Harbor Pond was created in 1880 when a dam was constructed across the mouth of Campbell Creek to create a freshwater pond for the production of natural ice for sale to the large urban centers of the Eastern Seaboard. Capt. E.D.

  • On Saturday, March 16, Girl Scout Troop 526 hosted its only cookie booth for the 2019 sale season at the Meadow Mall. A drive-up service the members and leaders had designed was hopping all morning long.

  • Nobody has more experience in local drinking water issues than Boothbay Harbor’s Harry Pinkham. He has a combined 59 years' experience in the subject, first as a Boothbay Harbor Water commissioner and more recently as a Boothbay Region Water District trustee.

  • Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor CSD School Committee

    As Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor Community School District approaches the end of its budget season, questions were raised on gifted and talented March 13.

  • Are you interested in joining the Boothbay Region Fire Auxiliary (formerly Boothbay Region Miss Fires)? This is a group of people, male or female, that will give support to the fire departments of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport and Edgecomb.

  • Boothbay Region (BR) and Central Lincoln County (CLC) YMCAs are pleased to welcome Ella Everett as their coordinator of Marketing.

  • Prosecutorial District VI

    The grand jury rose March 13 and issued the following indictments,  filed with the Wiscasset Unified Courts:

  • Boothbay Harbor Planning Board

    After the Boothbay Harbor Board of Appeals let Sprucewold Lodge continue operations, owner Shawn Chapps brought forth an anticipated application on March 13. The request is to construct a storage building and swimming pool and to expand parking.

  • Town of Boothbay

    Boothbay selectmen are taking a cautious approach toward making  a municipal contribution to the local health center. Selectmen voted unanimously March 13 to amend Article 24, which asked voters to authorize a “sum of $5,000” for the health center.

  • Edgecomb fell short of its goal of 50 survey responses for Phase 1 of a ConnectME broadband grant project, according to Janet Blevins, member of both the town’s website and the Lincoln County seven-town broadband committees.

  • Wiscasset District Court

    Former state representative Jeffrey Pierce of Dresden, scheduled to be arraigned on three charges of falsifying information on hunting license applications, failed to appear in court March 14.

  • Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

    Scientists have revealed that the partnership between an alga and bacteria is making the essential element nitrogen newly available in the Arctic Ocean.

  • First National Bank recently donated $7,500 to the Boothbay Region Land Trust towards the Oak Point Farm capital campaign as part of a three-year contribution totaling $25,000.

  • West Bath District Court

    Danielle Ward, 35, of Hope has pleaded guilty to several charges related to a fatal crash on Jan. 21,  2017 that claimed the lives of a Woolwich couple, Robert S. Martin, 70, and Carolyn W. Martin, 76.