Journey into JOY for Self-Healing

Fri, 09/16/2022 - 9:15am

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  • Most alternative solutions are based on knowledge gleaned from ancient, indigenous cultures, reaching back over 3,000 years and had been lost to us in our medical mire of high technology, HMO’s, and insurance driven care. In my opinion it is this medical swamp that has driven Americans into the offices of alternative practitioners throughout the country; spending billions of dollars looking for relief and cures for the enormous increase in cancer, auto-immune diseases, and chronic conditions that have no magic cures or quick fixes from the medical community.

    Holistic medicine and alternative modalities have become much more available over the last 25 years witnessed by the boom in yoga classes, energy workers, naturopathic physicians and massage therapists in every community. In general, Holistic Medicine is an attitudinal approach to healing. It looks at each case, be it an accident or disease, as a total experience of the individual – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In most cases in modern medicine the injury or illness is segregated and only the affected area is treated. Holistic means greater than the sum of its parts. In a holistic approach to healing the focus is on the whole person not on the disease or injury.

    Professor Woodson Merrill from Columbia Medical School states, “If you don’t help patients to harness their own healing capacities, you are putting them at a significant disadvantage” In the months to come I hope to offer some “Alternative Solutions” that will assist you in harnessing your own healing abilities.    

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    Judy Milinowski, Certified Behavioral Kinesiologist, Reiki Master and Qigong teacher. She is the former Executive Director of both Wainwright House the oldest holistic/spiritual center in the US and the Center of Holistic Medicine, New York United Hospital.  She has been practicing and teaching Self - Healing techniques for over 30 years. She has had the honor Studying with Shaman and powerful healers in Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and on the Navajo Reservation. She has studied with the renowned Qi Gong Master Ken Cohen. She completed the Medical Professional Training Program at Dr. James Gordon’s Center for Mind/Body Medicine in Washington, D. C. and a USUI Reiki Mastership. Judy has lived in the Boothbay Region with her husband Roger, a professional artist for close to twenty years. 


Michelle is a student that has been coming twice a week to my Qigong classes on Zoom for over 2 years. No one in the class has ever met Michelle in person, she lives in another part of the country, no one in the class even knows what Michelle looks like, she keeps her video turned off. Yet we have all felt her joyful spirit permeate our sessions every week. Michelle in not full of joy because she has a perfect life…far from it. Michelle came to my class because she was recovering from a terrible accident’ she was hit by a car while riding her bike. I also discovered that just prior to her accident she lost both of her parents unexpectedly in a very brief period of time. Recently she was given only 2 weeks to vacate the condo she had just moved into. She had to find a place to live and try to move while dealing with a bad case of Covid.

 Joy is not an emotion that depends on what is going on in our life. Joy is a state of being that is dependent on our life view. For some people joy is inherent in their personality, their makeup, but for most of us joy needs to be cultivated like a beautiful rose bush. It needs attention, feeding and nurturing. Joy is different from happiness in that it doesn’t depend on something good happening. Michelle certainly has not been happy about the current events in her life, but her joyful spirit has kept her going. Throughout all of her turmoil she never missed a Qigong class because she knew she had to keep nurturing her joyful spirit to survive the onslaught of unimaginably horrible events in her previously “happy” life. The last couple of years have brought previously unthinkable challenges to all of us. It has become quite clear, at least to me, that keeping ourselves in a high vibration has become essential to our wellbeing. The higher our vibration the less likely we are to contract a virus or fall into a depression about the state of the world. If you are not sure what I mean by a “high vibration” think in terms of the last cold you came down with right after a particularly bad week, when you received bad news or just everything seemed to be going wrong. The vibration we put out is what we attract back.

 Joy is a light that fills you with hope, faith and love.”  I think we could all use some more hope, faith and universal love in our lives these days!

 I will be offering a 10-Week Program on Zoom starting on Monday September 19th called: Journey into Joy for Self-Healing. It is the next in the 60 Weeks of “Journey into Self-Healing Programs” I have been conducting on Zoom since the first weeks of the pandemic. During these 10-Weeks we will explore topics that promote and nurture and build our JOY muscle. Some of the topics will include:

  • Joy vs Happiness
  • Accepting What We Cannot Change
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Training the Monkey Mind
  • Forgiveness 
  • Service to Others
  • Peace of Mind
  • Nirvana/Dissolving into Bliss
  • Let the Magic Begin

We will explore these topics through meditation, discussion, writing, process, poetry, exercises, and Qigong. 

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