Dining Guide





Dining Guide’s writers this year have prepared a full plate, from extraordinary sweets to beer made right here; the fare of three general stores with long local histories; and more, all of it a story of impressive food and its accomplished makers who, fortunately for all of us, choose the Boothbay Region to do it in.

And all of it comes to you in fun, spot-on storytelling – like Candi Joneth’s reference to one brewery’s features making “a beer-positive destination” and Jane Carpenter’s revealing one restaurateur’s superpowers that include creating meals in a kitchen “a little bigger than an average closet.” 

And see if you can resist lingering on the food photos. They are a little distracting. Oh, go ahead and linger!

Besides photos our writers took, we are talking also about the ones many of our advertisers share in their ads and in some of the stories. Study all of this year’s ads – some include menus – and refer back to the publication to remind yourself of that dish, or view, you wanted to check out. 

You have picked a beautiful area to dine. The Guide will help you savor and explore it. 

Happy page-turning, happy eating and, all the while, happy just sitting and taking in where you are!


2023 Dining Guide Cover