From the assistant editor

Shoe prints and scarecrows

Wed, 10/05/2022 - 9:00am

Scarecrows don’t go around on their own except in books and movies, and the scarecrows in Wiscasset village need your help to exist again this year. And this year, the ones you build – as a business, family, or anyone else with the festive, fall and/or creative spirit – will be made where Wiscasset used to make them. Scarecrowfest, which Parks and Recreation and Wiscasset Area Chamber of Commerce partner on, is back at the municipal building after some years on the common. 

Fall on the common is beautiful, as you can see in Phil Di Vece’s coverage of last Sunday’s blessing of the animals. So the paper will miss that as a backdrop for the scarecrow contest that starts Oct. 8 and then scarecrow-building and other fun Oct. 15, including a movie. But the people who make the Scarecrowfest magic happen have seen fit to move it back to the corner of Routes 1 and 27, so we will plan to catch the action there to publish at and, after that, in our Oct. 20 print edition.

Since both the common and town office are on Route 1, Scarecrowfest, back at the town office, will still give travelers a pre-Halloween treat.

* * *

Mud, snow, ice, or just about anything might not be welcome where people step, but Maine Art Gallery on Warren Street is extra easy to find if chalk shoe prints and arrows guide you. They were along Lincoln Street and nearby when Wiscasset Art Walk took its September stroll, the 2022 season’s last.

Kudos on the street-side attention getter for the gallery in the former Wiscasset Academy.

Week’s positive parting thought: Hopefully Oct. 15, especially, Scarecrowfest gets the same sunny, crisp weather the Midcoast has seen this week.