From the assistant editor

All positive

Wed, 09/21/2022 - 9:00am

    Last week’s editorial ran long, so I ended it without the usual “Week’s positive parting thought.” To offset that and get ahead for the next time(s), the below will be nothing but positive thoughts. 

    They are about our towns. So this is going to be easy.

    Wiscasset Art Walk, way to go. You keep going year after year bringing visual, musical and other artists to town for whoever shows up to learn from and enjoy. Shops get foot traffic, nonprofits spread their word and people get to stand around and talk, or sit and talk or have some fare. If possible, get to the last WAW of the season Sept. 29, for every WAW has a wow of a piece or performance.

    Speaking of wows – and art – organizers of Alna’s locally themed art show have gotten such a response from the request for works, they have told selectmen there will be enough for more shows. From the pieces they have shared in press releases about the show at Puddledock Schoolhouse starting Friday, Sept. 23, it looks like the town has long attracted and grown talent.

    Westport Island attracted a civic-minded couple in Morton and Patti Mendes. And the town is so pleased to announce Morton, 96, is its next Boston Post cane honoree as the oldest current resident, we received a press release to share in advance. So we did.

    And Dresden has started sharing its selectmen’s meetings via livestream, joining Wiscasset, Alna and others in tapping technology to widen the tent of people who see their local panels at work. The more that people can see for themselves what selectmen are working on all year and planning for voters to consider, the better prepared they can be to decide it all at town meeting and/or the polls.

    Wiscasset gets one more shoutout on positives, for its new school department-parks and recreation team-up to give students a positive and free way to spend their after school time on early release Wednesdays, at the community center. This pairing is another way Wiscasset puts the unity in community.

    Week’s (other) positive parting thought: The sun has just come up, sort of, on this gray Tuesday, Sept. 20 press time day, and I have already found my glasses – twice!