From the assistant editor

Wide gray yonder

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 9:00am

Remember when town committees’ night meetings let out before dark, even if it was pushing 9 p.m.? Same for monthly Wiscasset Art Walks’ conclusion at 8 p.m., and sports and other fun, work and more? It was fairly recently, but here we are again, when the days are far shorter and will be for months. I’m ready for February when Punxsutawney Phil will hopefully predict an early spring.

A gray sky that a few months ago brought relief on a sunny, hot, humid day now is less welcome, especially when a cold wind blows and mornings slip ever closer to the freezing mark.

Add the layers, and be glad when the sun appears, or when we get to hear the clamor of wave after wave of Canada geese and see those beautiful formations overhead – like the ones I have been hearing and seeing continuously against Tuesday’s gray sky for at least two minutes now. This is a moment to be happy and remember they, we and everyone else co-exist.

This as we, like we do every week, finish putting out the paper that helps area residents share views, get the local news and reminders, and co-exist.

Week’s positive parting thought: Thank a Midcoast mariner Thursday, Sept. 29. According to, it is World Maritime Day.