letter to the editor

Thank you Eastside Waterfront Park board

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 2:45pm

Dear Editor:

In an effort to protect Maine’s working waterfront, Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation (BRMF) was conceived and in 2018 recognized as a Maine nonprofit organization. With the help of funds from Land for Maine’s Future, plus the generosity of local benefactors, BRMF was able to purchase Sea Pier, a lobster buying wharf on the east side of  Boothbay Harbor and renamed the facility Carter’s Wharf. The Carter’s Wharf Project to aid the commercial working waterfront includes the demolition and rebuilding of a new, improved buying facility for the current 30 or so lobstermen who go from this site. Unfortunately, as work progresses on this new facility, the lobstermen have recently been temporarily displaced.

As word got around about this dilemma, board members of the Eastside Waterfront Park, another nonprofit organization created to not only bring a beautiful park for all to enjoy, but also to honor the working waterfront by allocating an area for local lobstermen to store and repair traps, have given permission for a temporary unloading station at this area for the Carter’s Wharf lobstermen.

On behalf of the Carter’s Wharf lobstermen, we give our sincere thanks to the board members of the Eastside Waterfront Park for your support of one of Maine’s time-honored industries. The continued success of Boothbay Harbor’s working waterfront has greatly benefited by your support and monumental generosity.

Carter’s Wharf lobstermen