From the assistant editor

Steller example

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 9:00am

Why did you come here, beautiful eagle? 

You might ask what we are doing here, also, beautiful bird, ever near as we can be to wherever you light. We have not your wings and eagle eyes, we have social media to find you and wheels in all forms to go there. Do we not have surviving to do, as you do? And if we do, why aren’t we doing it?

It may not make sense to you, and you perhaps pay us no mind. We are not your worry, you have more important business. 

Humans like to document, share and preserve their sights of special things, a building, a sunset, or a being; whereas other beings, like you, be, and do, and keep going as you might, sooner or later.

You are wild, we the opposite, with our devices and cars, we who cannot get enough of you. Your being you, a creature of the world, is as big a part of your beauty and your appeal to us as your rarity here that got all the attention on you and your Midcoast travels in the first place.

Fly long and safely, may all your experiences near people be as harmless as these have been. May people document you and just enjoy the sight of you and, most of all, continue to leave you alone, and may we learn something about living life from you, whatever stays with us, from one bird’s example.

Week’s positive parting thought: If you close your eyes when the winter winds are up, as they have been this week, it sounds like the beach.