Smart moves

Wed, 05/11/2022 - 9:00am

With Lincoln County’s COVID count ticking back up and Maine in recent days second in the nation, Wiscasset, much more mask-free and at times less socially distant this spring, is making some smart moves to help get those numbers back down. This is what everyone should do anytime, anywhere the numbers are going in the wrong direction.

Live here? Visiting here? We hope your May is all you hoped and more. How about that weather? But let’s be safe and show restraint, more than some of us had been, because the science supported restrictions loosening or lifting. I kept up with the masks and was not the only one, and I really came to feel like a wet blanket those occasions I was the only one – like somehow I was showing my fear of the virus or maybe even being anti-commerce to be looking like there was still a pandemic, because there was.

You know what is anti-commerce? COVID. What makes businesses have to curtail or end their open hours? Among other things, COVID. Sick people need to rest, and not make other people sick, even if only just a little sick because so many people have now had their shots, the virus, or both.

So support your family, friends, co-workers and strangers, too. Buoy COVID’s short and long-term ebbs. Consider using precautions we have learned. They are not fun. But they are smart, like Friends of Wiscasset announcing May 10 it was postponing an in-person meeting until next month, and First Congregational Church announcing May 6, masks for worship on May 8, and no coffee hour.

Kudos to the smart moves, made swiftly, adjusting for the COVID circumstance.

Week’s positive parting thought: May this week’s frosts be the last until late 2022.