From the assistant editor

Slip and slide, no thank you

Wed, 11/30/2022 - 9:00am

Any longtime Mainer knows a fall that felt like summer does not mean we won’t get slammed in winter. Early morning black ice and one recent quick shift in temperatures during precipitation hopefully reminded area motorists and walkers to take extra care.

Just as September brings a need to stay aware of bus stops, school buses and school zones, the winter zone we are entering for the next several months needs our attention, as well.

This includes being safe when snowplows are about. Maine Department of Transportation offers these tips:

“Give snowplows room to do their work. Plows are wide and can extend across the center line.

“Don't tailgate and don't pass unless absolutely necessary and safe to do so. If you must pass, beware of the snow cloud created by plows.

“Remember that the snow plow operators have a limited field of vision. Though you see the plow, our snowfighters might not see you.”

Plow crews, whether a contractor or a town crew, are not usually headed to an emergency, but their work is similarly important to responders: The crews clearing the snow and applying materials to the roads help prevent crashes police, fire and medical responders are called out to in the terrible weather; and when those services are called out, the plow crews’ work has given the emergency crews a better trip to and from the scene.

Thank you, plow crews.

Week’s positive parting thought: Sand – it isn’t just for summer!