October property transfers

Fri, 11/02/2018 - 2:30pm

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in October:

Alna: Towers, Danamarie K. to Thurlow, Erin and Rose, Eric; Vonfrank, Andrew and Vonfrank, Sarah to Boote, Fletcher and Lynam, Michael; First National Bank Tr., First N A Tr., Doris C Glidden Irrevocable Trust, Glidden, Doris C. Irrevocable Trust, Doris G. Glidden Irrevocable Trust and Glidden, Doris G. Irrevocable Trust to Taylor, Nicole and Tenney, Marc L.      

Boothbay: Prokosch, Adam J. to Leach, Ari, Knaus Tucker, Stephanie and Tucker, Stephanie Knaus; Mill, Susan K. Tr., Susan K. Mill Revocable Trust and Mill, Susan K. Revocable Trust to Fink, Jeffrey N. and Fink, Meryl N.; Luke, Keith P., Luke, Andrew K., Luke, Kristy J. and Cote, Tracy to Scribner, Lucille Y. and Scribner, Robert K.;  Vander, Karen Swartsberg and Vander, John L. to Evans, Tommie M.; Evans, Tommie M. to Anderson, Julia; Birlem, Charles W. to Bigelow, Jonathan L. and Bigelow, Mariann E.; Allen Hospitality LLC to Linekin Bay Holdings LLC; Hyson, Glenn A. and Hyson, Sarah L. to Livingston, William M. and Dubois, Jacqueline P.;  Boyd, R. Garry to Diane S Horne Revocable Trust, Horne, Diane S. Revocable Trust and Horne, Diane S. Tr.; Reny, Lindsay A. to Doucette, Matthew A.; Rushton, Steven P. Tr., Rushton, Beth E. Tr., Steven P. Rushton 2017 Revocable Trust and Rushton, Steven P. 2017 Revocable Trust to Channing, Larry D. Tr., Channing, Alice M. Tr. and Channing, Family Trust; Noyce, Jeffrey P. and Farnell, Leigh Anne to Lane, John B. and Lane, Deborah B.; Marsh, Joann B. and Marsh, Gregory S. to  Marchand, Edward W. Tr., Marchand, Carol A. Tr., Edward W. Marchand Revocable Trust and Marchand, Edward W. Revocable Trust; Burnham, Lisa Ann to Smith, Neena and Smith, Audley; Stevenson, James A. Tr., Ryder, David S. Tr., Grace S. Ryder 1994 Trust and Ryder, Grace S. 1994 Trust to Daley, Robert C. and Daley, Shelley P.; Meisten, Catherine A. Tr., John N. Meisten III Living Trust and Meisten, John N. III Living Trust to Meisten, Catherine A. Tr., Catherine A. Meisten Living Trust and Meisten, Catherine A. Living Trust; Brimberg, Richard S. and Ramsey, Debra Hoy to Fales, Neil E. and Fales, Marjorie R.; U.S. Bank National Association Tr., Structured Asset Mortgage Investments II Inc. and  Prime Mortgage Trust Certificates S to Madden, Michael K. and Madden, Katie Jo; Gove, William E. and Gove, Beverly J. to Lisajus, Krista N. and Broeckelmann, Daniel J.; Merrill, Brian R. and Merrill, Madalyne M. to White, Karen L. and Cook, Fredrick C.; Barry, John R. and Barry, Cynthia to Davis, Stephen and Imhof, Michele; Yereance, Catherine J. to Lewis, Roy A.; Zorn, William V. A. Tr., Cahill, James D. III Tr, Warlick, Mary Beth Cahill Tr., Mary E. Cahill Revocable Trust of 1985, Cahill, Mary E. Revocable Trust of 1985, Mary E. Cahill Revocable Trust and Cahill, Mary E. Revocable Trust to Garry, Ann C.;  Zorn, William V. A. Tr., Cahill, James D. III Tr., Warlick,  Mary Beth Cahill Tr., Mary E. Cahill Revocable Trust of 1985, Cahill, Mary E. Revocable Trust of 1985, Mary E. Cahill Revocable Trust and Cahill, Mary E. Revocable Trust to Warlick, Mary Beth Cahill; Monroe, Steven and Monroe, Patricia to Palmer, Christopher K. and Conrad, Kilene E.; Monroe, Steven and Monroe, Steven T. to Monroe, Patricia and Monroe, Steven; Grew, Deborah J. Tr. and Grew, John R. Tr. to Grew, Deborah J. and Grew, John R.; Grew, Deborah J. and Grew, John R. to Johnson, Regina A. and Belanger, William;  Scribner, Lucille Y. to Reinert, L. Ann and Reinert, Richard T.; Clark, John L. and Clark, Karen L. to Clark, John L. Tr., Clark, Karen L. Tr. and Clark Revocable Trust;  Moss, Michael H. and Moss, Constance to Furbish, Doris L.    

Boothbay Harbor: Squillante, Emma J. to Squillante, Anthony and Squillante, Beverly; Fischer, David A. and Fischer, Andrea J. to Cladis, Harrison M. and Cladis, Lisa H.; Lingel, Edward C. II and Lingel, Pamela Miller to Beattie, Camilla Foot and Beattie, Charles Robert III; Hall, Margaret M. Tr., Hunter/Maine Realty Trust and Cowan, James III Tr. to Derezin, Michael Tr., Derezin, Lisa Tr., Michael Derezin and Lisa Derezin Revocable Living Trust and Derezin, Michael and Derezin Lisa Revocable Living Trust; Dobransky, Dennis to Carter, Matthew; Pinkham, Gary A. and Pinkham, Collena A. to Pinkham, Gary A., Pinkham, Collena A. and Thompson, Sheri L.; Dunculus Inc. to Ananian, Joseph V.; Harriger, Barbara S., Crawford, Barbara S. and Weiderman, Douglas P. to Warburton, Phibbs Joan F., Phibbs, Joan F. Warburton and Phibbs, Hugh C.; Cronin, Cornelius to Lozzi, Danielle; Barter, Kevin L. and Barter, James C. to Barter,  James C. and Barter, Nellie S.; King, Margaret V. Tr., Margaret V. King Revocable Trust of 1987 and King, Margaret V. Revocable Trust of 1987 to Rosehip Cottages LLC; Rogers, James E. and McCracken, Anne L. to Harris, Bruce N. Tr., Bruce N. Harris Revocable Trust and Harris, Bruce N. Revocable Trust; Babcock, Katherine P. Tr., Babcock, L. Kent III Tr., Katherine P. Babcock Revocable Trust and Babcock, Katherine P. Revocable Trust to Mayfield, Joan H. and Fasulo, Elizabeth; Nieman, John S. and Nieman, Margaret S. to Mahoney, James B. and Mahoney, Ann Marie; Ciechanowski, Maria T. and Ciechanowski, Ronald M. to Quinn, Joseph J. and Allen, Joanne L.

Dresden: Lincoln County Historical Association to Berry, Judith A. Tr. and Judith A. Berry Living Trust; Foss, Walter T. Jr. to Foss Realty LLC; Kazzy LLC to Davis, James V.; Bean, Erin and Middleton, Erin to Bean, David L. and Bean, Erin; Burgess, Helen L. to Johnson, Christopher L.;  Labar,  George W. to Labar, Laureen Ann;  Labar, Laureen Ann to Labar, Laureen Ann and Murray, Scott A.;  Lomakin, Vladimir V. and Lomakin, Maria E. to Lomakin, Vladimir Tr., Lomakin, Maria Tr. and Lomakin, Family Living Trust.    

Edgecomb: Stella Land LLC to Rioux, Robert G. and Rioux, Elissa H.; Jones, Yvonne to Water's Edge Development LLC; Robinson, Edgar A. and Robinson, Carol J. to Water's Edge Development LLC;  Dalton, John W. and Jones, Franklin N. to BS Holdings LLC; Village At Sheepscot LLC to Water's Edge Development LLC;  Sheepscot Harbour Village Development LLC to Water's Edge Development LLC; Village At Sheepscot LLC to Water's Edge Development LLC;  Water's Edge Development LLC to Water's Edge Events LLC; Water's Edge Events LLC to Water's Edge Development LLC; Bedi, Victoria to Crosspoint 295 LLC; Carter, John F. and Carter, Patrice Wheeler to Langshaw, Walter S. and Langshaw, Lisa M.; Janney, Macy Putnam Tr. and Janney, Allison B. Tr. to Wilkicki, Audrey J. and Frandsen, Barry L.; Cunningham, Scott M. and Cunningham, Tara B. to Lewis, Kristen C.; Compass Rose Events Inc. to Waters Edge Development LLC.         

Southport: Kidder, Nathaniel B. to Ford, Joan B.; Newcomb, Steven Tr., Newcomb, Steven W. Tr. and Newcomb Trust Boothbay to Hermanson, Wayne S. and Bennett, Kate; Mundy, Marion E. to Shea, Michael M. H.; Mundy, Marion E. Tr., Marion E. Mundy Trust and Mundy, Marion E. Trust to Shea, Michael M. H.; Scully, John M. to Labrecque, Aminda S. and Labrecque, Kevin; Colburn, Edward S. to Colburn, Edward S. Tr., Colburn, Sylvia L. Tr. and Colburn Family Revocable Trust of 2018; Mckee, Russell B. Tr. and Mckee Living Trust to Tiller, Susan R.; Lewis, Roy to Lewis, Taylor J.; Snowman, Evelyn Tr., Evelyn Snowman Trust and Snowman, Evelyn Trust to Landry, Lisa M., Page, Lisa M. and Page, Neal D.; Simonds, William W. and Degroff, Betsey M. to Fellows, Loren D. 

Westport Island: Greenleaf, Walter E. Jr., Greenleaf, W. Eben and Greenleaf, Roberta C. to Ryan, Colleen E.; Haskell, Laurie A. and Haskell, Laurie to Haskell, Lauri A. and Smith, Michael E.; Peters, Leon A. to Gebhardt, Matthew S.; Pagenkopf, Ingo H. to Haley, Nathan Alexander; Rosman, Cathy S. and Rosman, Jay B. to Corey, James J. and Corey, Amy L.    

Wiscasset: Simpson, Edward S. and Simpson, Edward Scott to Sherman, Norman P.; Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) to Smith, Matthew M. and Smith, Emily L.; Wells Fargo Bank N A, Gonyou, Ronald Jr., Espeaignnette, Kristy, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Residential Mortgage Services Inc to Blake, Ralph F. Jr. and Blake, Jacquelyn;  Wiscasset, Inhab. of to Cinq Mars, Kenneth, Cinq Mars, Gisele, Mars, Kenneth Cinq and Mars, Gisele Cinq;  Wiscasset, Inhab. of to Furbish, Dwight and Furbish, Helen; Chapman, Daniel G. to Juntura, Cecilio; Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC. Garner, Ashley A. and Garner, Gregory A. to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC; Bryant, Norman N. and Bryant, Kathleen J. to Bryant, Caleb; Lear, Ronald A. Tr., Lear, Pamela J. Tr. and Lear Living Trust to Gulecki, Deborah L.;  Jimenez, Mary T. to Sinclair, Shannon C.;  Harris, John C. and Harris, Mary H. to West Neck Storage LLC; West Neck Storage LLC to Benner, Bruce; Clarks Point Development LLC to Warchol, Sarah E.; Bank of America N A and Simpson, Jason A. to Bank of America N A;  Carolan, Michael F., Carolan, Michael G. and Carolan, Patricia D. to Whitfield, Stephen L. and Whitfield, Janet L.; Carolan, Michael F., Carolan, Michael G. and Carolan, Patricia D. to Sullivan, James B. and Sallaway, Anne; Wiscasset, Inhab. of to Morris, Winona, Morris, Forrest J. and Pinkham, William;  Sinacori, Stephen E. and Sinacori, Linda M. to McCrea, Stephen M.; Furbish, James A. and Furbish, Gloria J. to McMahan, Michael.