Local businesses attend training to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving

Fri, 12/21/2018 - 8:00am

On Dec. 19, bar, restaurant and convenience store owners and staff received training that provided them with tools to help reduce underage drinking and drunk driving. The Responsible Beverage Server Training was taught by Deputy Chief Rand Maker and Sgt. Mark Bridgham in Wiscasset at the Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission Building. 

Twenty-two attendees from eight local establishments successfully completed the training, which covered Maine Liquor Laws as well as best practices for managing an establishment that serves or sells alcohol. Participants gained knowledge on carding, including how to spot fake IDs, and how to handle a situation if a minor is trying to buy alcohol. Additional topics included handling an intoxicated patron, business liabilities and the legalities around sales, proper serving sizes and amounts, and much more. Certification is provided from the Bureau of Alcohol Beverages and Lottery Operations and is good for three years.

“Participants were asking really good questions on how to handle situations regarding out of state IDs and fake IDs, which can be tricky to confirm validity. It’s clear that they do not want to contribute to underage drinking, and their attendance sends a strong message that they want to do more for the community by increasing their education and awareness,” says Jess Breithaupt, project coordinator at Healthy Lincoln County.

This training is particularly important this time of year; the holidays are the deadliest season for drunk driving, and youth alcohol consumption also increases this time of year partly due to accessibility through holiday parties.

On behalf of Healthy Lincoln County and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, we want to thank the following businesses for taking this important step toward prevention: Damariscotta River Grill, Little Village Bistro, Dresden Take Out, Ports of Italy, Oak St. Café and Catering, Cooks Landing Bar and Grille, The Whale’s Tale & Seafarer’s Pub, and The Thistle Inn Restaurant.

Any business that is interested in hosting or attending a future Responsible Beverage Server Training can contact Jess by phone at 563-1330 or e-mail jbreithaupt@healthylincolncounty.org