From the editor

Hard workers

Wed, 09/20/2023 - 8:45am

I envy the workers who prepared for Saturday's storm as well as those who worked through the days restoring power to thousands of Mainers after high wind gusts and rain-soaked grounds brought trees down and onto power lines and across roads. I know that is their jobs but it must be daunting to come across situations where multiple trees and snapped lines mean a lot of time is needed to repair the problem – knowing that customers are anxiously waiting for their power to be turned on.

Yes, even we growled to ourselves on the sunny Sunday knowing it was nice conditions to work on restoring our power and it still had not been rectified into the afternoon. But not knowing how repairs are scheduled is part of the frustration. Personally, there were three trees on power lines within a mile of my house. I don't know who was responsible for slicing up the massive pine tree (its base had to be almost three feet wide) after it toppled across Back Narrows Road, but thank you. It made CMP's work easier to restore the power and gain access to the lines.

Thankfully, the storm was in September and not January or February, or I probably would not be able to write this column on my laptop and get it ready for the newspaper. We have had those type of storms in the winter and it usually takes a lot more time to restore power because of the weather and road conditions.

Hats off to those who did the hard work to allow Mainers to return to their jobs after the weekend.