From the assistant editor

Good things

Wed, 11/23/2022 - 9:00am

Kudos to Woolwich for having residents meet with Maine Department of Transportation about the light that stops Route 1 traffic for Nequasset Road motorists. The light was to be temporary – for the Station 46 bridge replacement project. But as Phil Di Vece reports this week, the light, with tweaking for traffic flow, may become permanent after the response residents have given it.

As I wrote here in September, it has been nice no longer having to languish waiting for enough of a break in traffic to be able to safely enter or cross Route 1. Apparently, at the meeting at least, townspeople felt similarly. Let us hope this level of communication continues between the state and town for the safest outcomes on all fronts of the years long bridge project. 

* * *

Kudos to Wiscasset for again doing one of the things it does best, getting festive looking and acting this time of year. Downtown is decked, in what Selectman and Appearance of the Town Committee Chair Terry Heller called another “Dickensian moment” for the town. And Wiscasset Holiday Marketfest is poised to fulfill a lot of facets of holiday spirit, fun and commerce, all good things, Dec. 2-4. And kudos to a longtime giver in town, Al “Big Al” Cohen, for offering the fireworks, as Bill Pearson reports this week.

* * *

Kudos to Wiscasset Elementary School and Partners in Education for resuming the Turkey Trot, in which fifth graders carry donated goods to St. Philip’s Church’s Help Yourself Shelf in time for Thanksgiving. With the event Edna Miller reports on this week, another Wiscasset tradition is back on track.

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