Deb Prescott, medical aesthetician at Crow Point Yoga, and beyond

Posted:  Monday, June 4, 2018 - 7:00am

Crow Point Yoga in Boothbay Harbor offers classes in yoga, of course, but there are other reasons to visit the wellness center, including massage, and now something called medical aesthetics, a non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedure.

The business says on its website, it is “committed to whole body wellness.” Deb Prescott is a licensed registered nurse at Miles Memorial Hospital in Damariscotta, and after 18 years working in the emergency room there and at other hospitals, she knows all about helping people to heal, physically and mentally.

Now she’s also helping lift people’s spirits through their physical appearance.

Prescott started getting into medical aesthetics around seven years ago, when she attended a school in New York to learn about injections and the aesthetic look of an aging face, which can have a significant impact on a person’s overall self-confidence.

She began to learn about natural ways to aid the appearance of an aging face without invasive surgery.

Medical aesthetics involves methods like Botox injections. Prescott said the injections are very “non-traumatic. There is no putting people under the knife. It’s simple. Somebody can have a procedure and go right back to work.”

More and more people are interested in the new advances and medications that can be used on the face for cosmetic reasons, she said. “Technology has changed so much and this procedure will help get rid of things like fat buildup under the chin. That used to involve a medical procedure. Now there’s a medication that will dissolve the fat.”

Prescott takes her time with patients, and said she takes each of their concerns seriously, addressing both  inner and outer beauty with equal regard. “I’m pretty conservative with my technique. I like to study the face, and the natural equation of the face – how somebody’s features can be brought out just by doing a little here, a little there, slowly building up.”

Along with injections, Prescott offers laser resurfacing, radio frequency skin tightening, non-surgical jawline contouring, medical peels, facial rejuvenation and something called the Eight Point Facelift, developed around a year ago. Prescott calls it a comprehensive, whole-face approach to facial rejuvenation. Each side of the face has eight points that can lift and elevate, and cause some of that sagging to be lifted up, she said.

“Everyone is different, and everyone wants something. I look at the person, and talk to the person, and we talk about a plan, keeping in mind their budget and what they are comfortable with.”

Prescott, of Waldoboro, is now practicing her medical aesthetics at several spas around Maine — Rockland, Bath, Brunswick, Saco, Scarborough, and in Boothbay Harbor at Crow Point Yoga, where she can be found one day each week. That day varies.

When not working in spas, Prescott, whose focus is women’s health, can usually be found in one of three hospitals: Miles, Penbay and Waldo, working in emergency rooms where she performs forensic nursing, often involving sexual assault and domestic violence. 

‘I feel like I’m a well-rounded nurse who can offer a lot of different services to people. Trying to find a day off is my biggest challenge.”

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