From the assistant editor

Comp plan wants you!

Wed, 05/19/2021 - 9:00am

Which makes a better comprehensive plan for a town: One a few (read dozen or so) residents draft, or one dozens or, dare we say it, hundreds had input on?

I’m going with B.

The more people telling a committee what they want, rather than a committee, in Wiscasset right now or anywhere else, having to use only their best thinking, research and other work, to get a plan the town can live with, get state approval on and, dare we say again, make a difference of some kind for today and tomorrow, the better. It is obvious, like knowing better than to stop wearing a mask if you are not fully vaccinated but merely tired of it and figure, perhaps correctly, you will not get COVID-carded to prove it.

Monday night, I sat through the Wiscasset comp plan committee’s latest Zoom meeting. Members and helpers who have been at it or at least off and on at it, due to the pandemic, continued updating one another and welcoming new names who began fitting in immediately. And Chair Sarah Whitfield said the town-wide survey has had about 50 responses.

Getting 50 people to do anything is something; but it’s still a pretty small chunk of town. For the town’s sake of having a good tool, which is what a comp plan comes down to, consider going to the town office for a paper copy to fill out, or consider taking the survey at

Apathy breeds stagnation for a town and, by the way, a harder job for the comp plan volunteers to propose a plan’s economic and other pieces.

There is no pretending filling out a comp plan survey is fast-paced excitement, but the more responses come in, the sharper picture Wiscasset is giving the committee to work with.

Week’s parting observation: Summer feels in a hurry this Midcoast spring. Enjoy the sun and wear a shady hat.