From the editor

Brady’s last stand?

Wed, 01/18/2023 - 8:45am

Have we seen Tom Brady’s last game? After losing at home to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, the “unfinished business,” as Brady said following his “unretirement” tweet last year, is finished for at least this season.

The best quarterback I have ever seen is 45 and would be 46 next season. His Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished with an 8-10 record and his performance in Monday’s game was less than average for him. He finished 35 of 66 for 351 yards with two TDs and one interception. He can still throw, no doubt about it – having set NFL records this year in attempts and completions – but will anyone take a chance on him, as he is now a free agent? Lord knows there are a lot of teams needing quarterbacks, even one who has played 23 years. But his game has been reduced to short passes and this year the Bucs gave him the worst record of his career. Was it all his fault?

Dallas was certainly up for this game – surprisingly – and the Buc defense didn’t come through, but Brady had to throw, throw, throw in order to try and come from behind in the second half. Not a good situation.

Rumor has it that the Patriots might take a chance on him, returning to the team where he gained his prominence under Bill Belichick. He would be a great mentor to Mac Jones, who struggled this season. But I doubt Brady would take a backseat to any NFL quarterback as a back-up. He is that proud.

In the post-game interview, he did not talk about his future. Now we will wait to hear about what’s next for No. 12.

The New York Post wrote: “After what the world witnessed Monday night – and with a 10-year deal worth a reported $375 million to do TV for FOX Sports as soon as he retires in hand – that time for Brady may be now. Because the GOAT, on this night, in the biggest game of the season for his team, was the goat.”

After last March’s announcement that he was coming back for another season, it wouldn’t surprise me that he gives it one more try.