From the assistant editor


Wed, 05/04/2022 - 9:00am

Given the challenges towns and their public safety and other departments have faced this year, including finding staff and paying them enough to stay in that line of work and with that employer, some of May’s appreciation weeks at are worth noting for the towns’ sake, besides the departments’: 

Teacher Appreciation Week, listed as the first Monday through Friday in May, is, like the others, good to have any year, but this time teachers, nurses and the rest of the staff, plus students and their families, pulled off what for some places, including Wiscasset, was the first school year with students going to school full-time, at school, since the pandemic started. Way to go, to all involved.

National Emergency Medical Services Week is the third full week of May; National Police Week, the week of May 15; Public Service Recognition Week started on the first Sunday of May; and thank a Public Works worker Public Works Week – the week of May 15 – or anytime.

Thank any of them anytime. We are sure they would appreciate it.

Week’s positive parting thought: Look forward, not back, Red Sox fans.