• Selectmen begin budget talks

    The Edgecomb selectmen began preliminary discussions about the municipal budget’s goals and objectives on Feb. 23 with an expectation of reducing spending.

    Selectman Jessica Chubbuck started the discussion by asking: “What do you think the chances are for a reduction? Or do you think I’m just reaching for the stars?”

    In 2014, Edgecomb voters approved a $3.57 million budget.

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  • It's dangerous to go alone


    Remember back to your days in high school, wading through the paperwork and confusion of applying to college. Or more recently, maybe you've helped a family member through that process.

    There are dozens of forms to fill out, all while juggling the confusion of financial aid, visiting campuses, and more. It can be a daunting task for any family and student to face.

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  • Chaousis receives praise during his final selectmen’s meeting

    Jim Chaousis found himself in an unfamiliar seat during the Feb. 25 Boothbay selectmen’s meeting.

    The outgoing town manager sat in the audience while Code Enforcement Officer Daniel Bryer took his seat alongside the selectmen in his role as interim town manager.

    This marked Chaousis’ final selectmen’s meeting. After serving four years and four months in Boothbay, Chaousis begins his new job on March 2 as Rockland’s city manager.

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  • Christy-Murphy wedding

    Herbert Murphy Jr. of Lisbon Falls and Fay Christy of Boothbay Harbor would like to announce their marriage, which took place on Feb. 7, 2015. Jon Marsh of Boothbay Harbor performed the joyful marriage ceremony.

    The Murphys will reside in Boothbay Harbor.

  • Rocky Channels School System

    AOS 98 budget passes smoothly

    No issues or objections were raised at the annual budget meeting of AOS 98 on Feb. 25, and the budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year passed unanimously.

    AOS 98, also called the Rocky Channels School System, serves the Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor Community School District, Edgecomb Eddy School, Georgetown Central School and Southport Central School.

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  • A Bird’s Tale

    Warm thoughts of warm birds

    On these bitterly cold days this February we often find our minds drifting to the warm places where so many of “our” summer birds are currently in residence. Take the fire-orange-throated Blackburnian warbler, whose high-pitched song one can hear drifting down from the tall spruces on a warm June day at the Botanical Gardens, Ocean Point Preserve, and many other spots in our area.

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  • Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Column: Winter at the gardens

    We’re looking forward to spring at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens with many new programs, events and exhibits for the 2015 season. Shake the winter blues by signing up for programs related to the new interpretive theme, “Myth, Magic and Medicine,” or by joining CMBG as a volunteer, intern, or talented new member of our staff. Explore these opportunities and more online at www.mainegardens.org.

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  • Lincoln County firefighters attend training session in Boothbay

    The Boothbay Fire Department recently hosted an event for firefighters at the fire station in Boothbay.

    Roger Audette of Pine Point Fire Training & Consulting came to Boothbay on Jan. 21 for a training session focusing on attic and basement fires.

    Boothbay Fire Chief Dick Spofford said 85 firefighters from all over Lincoln County came to participate in what he said was an important safety training session.

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  • Weather keeps Westward and Ernestina-Morrissey in port

    Photo of F/V Westward

    If you are like Phil Brooks of Southport, you probably think it a fairly safe bet that the F/V Westward, still moored in Boothbay Harbor, isn’t going anywhere. Or at least not anywhere intentionally.

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  • Letter to the Editor

    Living stronger after Livestrong

    Dear Editor:

    Four consecutive winters have come and gone, chasing four different medical issues with my husband. If it were not for our primary care physician, Dr. Alamo, with his watchful eyes and expert knowledge, I am not sure I’d be writing a letter of success.

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  • Water district pursues new plan for Southport

    While work has temporarily ceased on a major portion of the Southport water project, the Boothbay Region Water District is pursuing a new plan to lay a water main farther north across Townsend Gut waterway to avoid further entanglement with FairPoint Communications.

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  • Stories I've Never Told You

    Midnight flight

    I’ve made this trip so many times I could do it in my sleep. It always starts out the same way. I’ll take the early flight from the Portland International Jetport with a brief stop and plane change at LaGuardia.

    Then, barring any unforeseen flight delays, I can expect to be touching down on the sun-baked tarmac of the airport in Fort Myers, Florida, a few minutes before noon.

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  • Land trust offers annual scholarship

    Are you, or is someone you know attending a school, camp or a conference in 2015 and would like financial assistance? Boothbay Region Land Trust is offering its annual Barge/McKee Scholarship for students involved in the study of the environment.

    We accept applicants of any age, as long as you are a resident of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport or Edgecomb. Depending on the number of applicants, scholarship awards range from $500 to $2,500.

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  • Twin Villages

    Walking over the numbers

    When it comes to biking and walking in the Twin Villages, the people have spoken.

    Well, more than 200 of them.

    The results from a biking and walking survey have been released, and the results show that while people in Newcastle and Damariscotta do walk and bike, there are a few trouble areas around town.

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  • John Jenkins brings tai chi classes to Boothbay Harbor

    A world class martial arts instructor is imparting his five decades worth of knowledge to students in Lincoln County. John Jenkins, a four-time karate world champion, began teaching students last fall in Boothbay Harbor and Damariscotta. Jenkins is now teaching his second round of the six-week program.

    His Boothbay region students are meeting once week each Tuesday morning at the St. Andrews Wellness and Rehabilitation. Jenkins calls his martial arts classes “Tai Chi Tuesdays.”

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