Leprechaun Leap 2024: A splash for local Special Olympics

Mon, 03/18/2024 - 8:45am

On Friday, March 15, 25 Leapers along with members of the Southport "Little Dippers” group took to the 38F water at Hendrick’s Head in Southport to raise lots of donations for Boothbay Special Olympics and all the events. Many of the “Leapers”came out of the water and turned around and went back in again for leap two. "Little Dippers” stayed in for many minutes. The youngest Leaper, Esta Lawler, said,  "They are brave." 

Ronda LeConte couldn’t believe it but she raised over $1,300 which was the most money for an athlete. First place prize is $200. Joey Ranco and Danny Miller tied for second place and they couldn’t believe it either with $309 each and will win a prize as well.

Matthew Cusamano headed up the event putting all the pieces together, and working to continue to keep the Leprechaun Leap the success it has been. Cusamano also raised money and took his Leap last weekend. This is, we think, the 26th year and the first year back since 2020. The Passion Plunge as it was called then was headed up by Amy Irish and others. It soon changed to the Leprechaun Leap as St. Patrick’s Day is not too close to school vacation like Valentine’s Day is. It was the first ice cold season dip in our area.

“It was Matthew’s idea to do this,” said his grandmother and Leap volunteer Roberta Blaney. Cusumano could not attend Friday as he was in Florida with his family. “Also, Morgan Mitchell and the ‘Little Dippers’ came through for us.”

Many thanks go to Matthew Cusamano,  Hawke Motors, Coastal Maine Popcorn Factory, Heads of the Harbor, and all those who have pledged.

Thanks as well go to Rob Cronk, Roberta Blaney, Mary Hatch, Sue Witt, all the "Little Dippers," parents, friends, families, and the best athletes.