LincolnHealth adopts latest advancement to Increase detection of colorectal cancer

GI GeniusTM helps physicians identify hard-to-detect and potentially cancerous polyps using artificial intelligence software.
Sun, 03/26/2023 - 8:00am

March is Colorectal Cancer Month, designated to raise awareness of risk factors associated with this disease as well as the importance of regular colon screening for those age 45 and over.

As part of its commitment to reducing colorectal cancer and increasing the survival rate for those with the condition, LincolnHealth has invested in the GI GeniusTM Artificial Intelligence (AI) Endoscopy Module, the only such product approved by the Food and Drug Administration and available in the United States.

In laymen’s terms, the ‘routine colonoscopy’ performed at LincolnHealth has gotten smarter, with the addition of technology that analyzes what the doctor views in real time. It works with your doctor to keep an eye out for anything worth a closer look.

By instantly flagging potential abnormalities, the GI GeniusTM can help your doctor detect more lesions, including precancerous polyps.

“Data show that when detected early, 90% of patients who have colon cancer survive and live normal lives,’’ said Samira Hasan, DO, a surgeon at LincolnHealth. “GI GeniusTM allows me to explore difficult-to-detect abnormalities which may lead to a life-saving discovery. It’s exciting to be one of earliest adopters of this technology in Maine, which can only benefit our patients.”

Several independent studies have shown up to a 50% improvement in detection rates when GI GeniusTM is used.

If you are over age 45, talk with your primary care provider about the risk factors associated with colorectal cancer and whether it is time to schedule a colonoscopy.