Come play pickleball at the Y

Wed, 02/08/2023 - 9:15am

It may have a comical name, but pickleball is a sport with a seriously enthusiastic following. As it takes the country, and the Boothbay Harbor Region by storm, the YMCA is the place to come and play.

The Y is the hub of our pickleball community and provides players of all ages and skill levels, including total beginners, opportunities to join in on the fun.  Pickleball offers the ideal combination of a short learning curve while still being challenging to master.   There are currently four pickleball courts in the Y's Field House, and opportunities to play every day.  Instruction is available from our pro on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm and Thursdays at Noon.  Paddles and balls are provided and players of all abilities welcome each other and help newbies get comfortable.  Pickleball courts and equipment are free to members and the website posts the times when people at different levels of play come together.  Saturday mornings have become wildly popular with open play and a chance to meet a lot of different people.   

"Pickleball lies at the junction of three priorities many people share: it is social, it is active, and it is loads of fun. How can you beat that?” said Andy Hollon, an official USA Pickleball Ambassador for Boothbay, and a frequently player.  “We have a wonderful cross section of players of all ages and skill levels who gather at the Y to scratch their pickleball itch several days each week. We love to incorporate visiting players into our daily matches, and the Y also offers clinics to introduce new players to the game." 

You can find the pickleball schedule on the Y’s webpage. Come give it a try!