Mussels, Museum, and Maverick

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 2:00am

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We were out and about a lot last week.  That’s unusual because Donna loves to cook so going out for dinner is not common, and she really prefers to have something to look forward , too.  So a spontaneous, “Hey, wanna go to Montsweag for dinner?” is usually met with “No thanks.” But give her a day or two ‘warning’, she’s all in.

So, we gave her enough advance notice and did dinner and a movie mid-week in Damariscotta.  “Top Gun: Maverick” at the Lincoln Theater was fantastic.  The theater was about 90 percent full for what looks like the film’s final showings ‘round here. While it was often difficult to hear dialogue the simple fact is that there’s not much plot anyway as fighter jets and aircraft carriers and bombs and missiles blow up every few minutes.  Good show.  If you need to hear the words, “Maverick” is  streaming on PrimeVideo for $19.99.

We went to Damariascotta’s  Newcastle Publick House before the show.  Mussels and fish and chips and nearly two dozen local craft beers added up to a good time. Not all restaurants are operating smoothly, though.  The prettiest lobster pound/harbor location we’ve found midcoast is Five Islands Lobster at the tip of Georgetown Island. But theyve already closed for the season.Co. A lack of staff is why. “Unforeseen circumstances and staffing issues”according to  the Facebook page.

No such problem at upscale Natalie’s in Camden, except it seemed like they were having staffing problems, too.  Celebrating a neighbor’s 2nd wedding anniversary. Our reservation was for 6 p.m. and we didn’t get food on the table until 8:30 p.m. Social media reviews and comments about Natalie’s suggest we just got them on a bad night. The restaurant business is tougher than ever with costs higher and employee turnover, back to school and so on.

The next night we were in Wiscasset .  (What?  It’s been another month?  Time for another Art Walk, already?)  Despite a downpour at 4p.m., the show went on by 5 p.m. and got more crowded as the afternoon wore on.  An environmental group brought a few guests, including a screech owl, recovering from being hit by a vehicle near Washington, DC. (I have NO idea how it got from there to here.) Art Walk founder Lucia Droby said the final Art Walk will be Sept. 28, 5pm-8pm.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum is always a treat to visit.  This weekend was the museum’s annual vehicle auction  The museum has begun a $9,75 million dollar expansion. Plans call for classrooms, a library and research center, and more common areas to encourage people to comfortably spend more time.  The museum counts about 30,000 visitors a year.