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Wed, 01/20/2021 - 8:45am

    The state of Maine needs to work on creating affordable housing, especially for our senior citizens. The closing of Boothbay Green is disheartening but I do understand the reasons why, as explained by Dr. Allan Teel of the Eldercare Network in this week’s article. As he said, the upward trend in age in our state, and in our county in particular, will only increase the problem of finding housing and care for the elderly. I hope our state representatives are working hard on pushing this idea to their fellow representatives and Governor Janet Mills.

    Congratulations to the Y Arts group and its director, Emily Mirabile, for their performance of “Shrek Jr.” for the Junior Theater Festival and for winning another Ensemble award. The 25 youngsters impressed the judges, who viewed their routine virtually on Saturday. We are lucky to have such a dedicated arts and humanities director, who was trained well by her mother, the original Y Arts director, Ginny Bishop.

    Congratulations, too, to the students and parents who protested the filling in of the Southport Central School pond early Monday morning. The pond has served as a skate rink and as an outdoor classroom entity for years. We hope it can be saved.

    Writing this on the day before the Presidential Inauguration and hoping that all goes well everywhere in the U.S. and that no paramilitary group is planning anything stupid that might injure or kill anyone. Protest in peace, not cause destruction of life and property.

    Winter is progressing to my liking. My heating oil is burning slower than normal, my back isn’t aching from shoveling snow day after day, and I can wear shoes, rather than boots, and not worry about slipping on ice. Keep it up, Mother Nature! Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself.