Veggies to Table gets cold storage unit

Tue, 01/19/2021 - 8:15am

As winter progresses and spring is on the horizon, Veggies to Table, a grow-to-donate farm in Newcastle, is deep in season three planning mode and looking forward to growth in 2021.

In their first two seasons Veggies to Table donated 15,000+ pounds of organic produce and 500+ bouquets of flowers to community members experiencing food insecurity through over 30 local partners such as pantries, schools, summer lunch programs, and sharing tables. As approximately 20% of all Mainers go hungry daily and 43% of school children qualify for free meals, their goal to help end hunger in Maine is vital.

Thanks to recent grants from No Kid Hungry and the Rugged Elegance Foundation Veggies to Table will build a cold storage unit this spring. This will allow them to store and keep produce fresh throughout the season and well into winter. Thus, be able to donate beautiful organic produce when supply is low, but need is greatest. It will enable the continued donations of carrots, radishes, parsnips, squash, celeriac, turnips and beets into February, or longer, as supplies last.

Additionally the hope is that the cold storage will be shared with partners needing temporary space. The building will measure 14 feet x 38 feet, with an exterior packing and washing area, and a convenient pick-up point.

Veggies to Table also plans to expand grow space and raise money to install a heated greenhouse for seedling production and crop expansion.

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