From the editor

Never been to Maine? Enjoy your stay!

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 8:45am

For those who have never been here in the Boothbay or Wiscasset region, welcome! It is now summer and there's lots to do, including next week's 57th annual Windjammer Days Festival in Boothbay Harbor.

In this week's issue is a complete rundown of the festivities, which begin on Sunday, June 23 and continue until Saturday, June 29. Also, check out the newspapers' websites for more on the festival and other fun things to do while you're here this week or throughout the summer.

Next week, my son, his girlfriend and her parents are coming to the region from Nebraska for four days during Windjammer Days. Megan has been here a few times with Tim but her parents have never been to Maine. I think the farthest east they've been is Virginia.

I was thinking about that fact and what they will think about our region after seeing it for the first time. What will they be most impressed with? The ocean, I bet. Most people who come here from away always enjoy seeing the ocean from land or from a boat – and most of us locals urge them to do so while they are visiting. Islands, lighthouses, seals, waterfront homes and more await.

Will they try our seafood? Lobster, fried clams, oysters? Megan, I think, has tried lobster, but she won't be ordering it when they dine out at one of our fine restaurants. Will her parents? Time will tell. If they order steak instead (not the good Nebraska steak), at least they might get a Maine potato as a side.

Four days is not long enough to enjoy our region but they should get a good taste of it. On their fifth day, they will spend a day in Portland. I am sure a stop at L.L. Bean on their way there will be in order.

Hopefully, the new visitors will be impressed with the region's people and our kind ways. Mainers are known for their welcoming spirit. I just hope Meg's parents can understand our accent. Pahk the cah heah! Ayuh!

Enjoy your visit and the first days of summer, everyone.