Boothbay approves municipal appointments for 2019-20

Sun, 06/16/2019 - 8:30am

    On June 12, Boothbay selectmen re-appointed 42 of 43 municipal appointees. The only position left vacant was for animal control officers. Long serving ACOs David and Betsy Pratt declined another one year term. Selectmen left the position vacant. Boothbay will likely negotiate with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department to provide animal control. “I’ve been in contact with the sheriff’s office and they are interested,” said Town Manager Dan Bryer.

    The following positions were re-appointed for a three-year term: Jeanne Fuller, Stephen Malcom and Richard Perkins, board of appeals; Kirk Brewer, Boothbay Region Refuse Disposal District board; Bruce Bowler and Dimereze McBride, planning board; and Stanley Barter Jr., shellfish committee. 

    The following positions were re-appointed for one year: Dan Bryer, town manager, tax collector, treasurer, road commissioner, welfare director, right to know officer and health officer; John O’Donnell, III, assessor; Hillary Barrett and Lori Colton, 911 addressing officers; Tracey Hodgdon Hyson and Lynn Maloney, assistant welfare directors; David Pratt, constable; Lori Colton and Jason Lorrain, code enforcement officers and licensed plumbing inspectors; Tracey Hodgdon Hyson, Andrea Lowery and Lynn Maloney, deputy tax collectors; Tracey Hodgdon Hyson and Andrea Lowery, deputy town clerks; Tracey Hodgdon Hyson,  deputy treasurer; Clarence Campbell III, emergency management agency director; Richard Spofford, fire chief; Gary Arsenault and John Barry, assistant fire chiefs; Peter Ripley, harbor master; Michael Leighton and Bradley Simmons, assistant harbor masters; Michael Alley, highway foreman; Nicolas Upham, shellfish warden; and Lynn Maloney, town clerk.