From the editor


Wed, 04/17/2019 - 8:45am

I don't pretend to be a techie. I've learned on the run since our website expanded from a seed to a mighty oak but I am still on the first set of branches when it comes to knowing processes, terms ... what does what? And I don't think I will climb much higher on the "tree of lifelog."

What in heck is a lifelog?!

According to the website, Techopedia, "A lifelog refers to the use of technology to capture and document large amounts of a user’s life and broadcast it to an audience." Oh, so, Facebook is kind of like a lifelog.

I am amazed at people who can easily maneuver an iPhone and all it can do. Some people have dozens upon dozens of apps for just about everything. I basically just use my iPhone for calling, emailing and texting (and timing the steaks on the grill -- really, I do!).

What led me to this rambling was seeing a word I hadn't seen before viewing it on TV during a recent public safety ad about distracted driving. The word, "intexticated" had me intrigued on whether it was a real word – remember, I'm not a techie. But, according to Techopedia, intexticated "is a term coined to refer to an individual who is distracted by texting or composing an email on a handheld device while walking or driving, and is therefore unaware of the surroundings. As (a) result, this person may move and/or react as if intoxicated, which is why the term combines the words 'texting' and 'intoxicated.'"

Now, I have kept up with the dangers of cell phone use while driving but I've never used or heard that word. I admit to being intexticated a few times while driving, but now I either pull over and use the phone or don't answer it. Being intexticated while driving is dangerous. So is being intoxicated while driving.

Heed my (and the TV ad's) warning!

Also, visit Techopedia ... all kinds of interesting and fun terms!