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Potato salad with ham

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 7:15am

With the warmer weather come my favorite things ... salads, all kinds of different ones, pasta salad, mixed green salad and, yes, a wide variety of potato salad. This recipe comes from my mom’s family (Blake side), Jean Reny’s famous potato salad passed down from my Aunt Ruby, who was my Grampy Blake’s sister.

When I make this I go big; it’s my hubby’s favorite ... of course, it’s taken me a few years to master it. Richard says I’m there. LOL.

Ingredients include six large peeled russets, mayo (almost two cups, add one cup then mix depending how ya like it), same amount of Miracle Whip, eggs (six hard boiled and peeled), a tablespoon of onion powder, one tablespoon of celery salt and add salt and pepper to your liking.

The most important ingredient of all is peas — not just any canned peas — Le Sueur peas, the one and only. Drain and add to your dish.

Now here’s where I make it a meal. My best cousin, Paula Reny Warford, told me Aunt Ruby added ham, good chunked ham. I bought a thick ham steak, cut the fat off and “chunked it up."  Boom! Now you’ve got an easy delicious tasty potato salad and in itself a meal. A potato salad with some wonderful history.

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful warm weekend. I had the wonderful pleasure of caring for my handsome grandson, Philip. I have been blessed with wonderful family time.

Many kind folks have been asking for pasta dishes. Hang on — pasta coming your way. Remember, if you want a dish, just ask and I’ll do my best

Hope everyone has a safe week and live like every day is your last ... be kind, live, love and laugh.