From the editor

Good and not so good days

Wed, 02/20/2019 - 8:45am

We all have them. Days when everything seems to go smoothly and then there are the days when you want to pull your hair out because of unexpected problems that come your way. Some say it is all in the planning to avoid those blood pressure-increasing days, but sometimes you can’t plan for some of the problems that show up.

Basketball is like that. Teams can show up for a game all prepared and ready to crush the opponent but a few wrong bounces of the ball, an injury or illness to a teammate, or just that the other team gets a hot hand shooting, and your day/game plan doesn’t end up so good.

Watching the high school tournament this week reminded me of this. One team has to lose and one team has to win so it is interesting, to me at least, to watch and see when the day/game goes sour. And during tournament time, you only get one chance to survive for another day as the clock ticks down or your season ends.

But life does go on and there are memories of the good days and not so good days. You can plan but you must also deal with life’s problems. I guess that is what makes life and basketball so much fun, at least for me.