From the editor

Three things

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 8:45am

Tuesday into Wednesday winter storms are not conducive to tiptop weekly newspaper production. We worked hard to get this issue finished by the end of the day on Tuesday so the staff wouldn’t have to travel into the office if road conditions were bad and if the power happened to go out during the early morning hours. One good thing about modern newspaper production is the availability of using computers for layout – more efficient and convenient.

Congratulations to the Boothbay Region High School boys and girls basketball teams and coaches for their fine seasons. Once again, Seahawk blue and gold will grace the Augusta Civic Center court next week and a good contingent of Boothbay fans wearing blue and gold will pepper the stands. Good luck, teams, in your quest for victories and no matter the outcomes, we are proud of your accomplishments and sportsmanship during the season.

I did it! A few weeks back, I mentioned I needed to clean off (and out) my work desk. With no football to watch on Sunday, I took about three hours to complete the job. I had papers from 10 years ago in one folder … wow! Managed to fill two garbage bags with papers and other stuff I didn’t need. Recycled what could be recycled and organized my drawer where I keep pens, pencils, highlighters, a stapler, etc. Feels good to get that job done. Fewer distractions and less pawing through files to find things. Hopefully if you have such a job to do, you can find the time and enthusiasm to do so.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!