Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library

Capturing the spirit of his subjects

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 8:00am

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4 Oak Street
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
United States

Over 40 people turned out for the opening reception for Bob Crink’s portraiture show, “Women of the Boothbay Region,” at Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library Jan. 12.

The images of 21 women are on exhibition in the library’s conference room on the second floor. The 22nd “woman” of the region was positioned in the entryway of the venue … Miss Pigette, who is considered (by some) to be the unofficial greeter to the region – why not at an art show?

Each portrait reveals a little something about the subject’s nature - playful, soulful, dynamic, strong, reflective, confident ... The  beauty within and without each of the women has been captured by this phototgrapher’s eye and camera.

Some photos were taken at Crink’s favorite places to shoot: Sea Pier, Atlantic Edge and the Footbridge; other locations included where the women worked, out on Southport Island, Boothbay Harbor Country Club, or their homes.

The lovely women in this first portrait show of Crink’s are: Mary Baudo (health and fitness coach), Joanna Breem (executive director Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library), Barbara Burt (writer and writing instructor), Juliette Cohen (volunteer RN), Lynne Crink (BHML Used Book Store), Heidi Davis (Grover’s Hardware), Pauline Dion (Boothbay Sea and Science Center founder), Jane Good (founder of The Community Center), Margaret Hoffman (Community Relations Manager at Visit Freeport), Carrie Koskela (Boothbay Animal Hospital), Jody Lunt, (Lincoln Arts), Liz Lussier (Boothbay Region Health Center & Positive Parenting), Leisha MacDougall (Harbor-Tech Solutions), Molly Pitcher (jazz singer and Tai Chi instructor), Lori Reynolds (founder of Harbor Fest – one of Yankee Magazine’s Best Fall Events 2018), Patricia Royall (executive Director/Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce), Patty Seybold (Boothbay Region Health Center), Kathleen Sheehan (Fishin’ For Fashion/Harbor Fest), Cathy Sherrill (executive director Opera House at Boothbay Harbor), Holly Stover (State Representative District 89 and Boothbay Region Community Resources Council) and Lynne Tobin (grief counselor and educator).

Leisha MacDougall, one of the women in the show, is usually behind the camera. When she’s not shooting images for work or play, Leisha can be found in the photo processing department (where else?) at Harbor-Tech Solutions.

What’s it like to be the subject instead of the photographer? “It’s a little weird … a little weird,” MacDougall said. “Bob showed up (at Harbor-Tech) and asked if he could take my photograph for the show. I said ‘Sure! But I can only give you 10 minutes.’ I felt a little bad for Bob … making him rush and all. He told me where he liked to shoot and I said we just didn’t have time for that (laughing) … We ended up taking all of the photos behind the store.”

“I think we had a great turnout,” Crink said. “Portraiture is all new to me, I’m learning and it’s been fun. This spring I will start working on another show, ‘Lobstermen of the Boothbay Region’ taken on their boat, of them on the boat in the water ... and with their pickup trucks. This show will be at the Boothbay Railway Village in July sometime.”

“Women of the Boothbay Region II” is already on the BHML show calendar for January and February 2020.

This first “Women of the Boothbay Region” portrait show is on exhibit through February at the library, 4 Oak St.

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