From the editor

Christmas: the weird and wacky

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 8:45am

Christmas has to be the weirdest holiday there is when it comes to gifts, songs, music, decorations, traditions, clothing, food and more. I think I first discovered this when my grandmother introduced me to fruit cake back in the 1960s. I might have had one more piece of that traditional Christmas food since then. What are those green things in the cake anyway?

The weirdness just gets – better or worse? – every year.

The songs. Now, where (and when) did "Dominick the Donkey" come from? I only discovered this a few years ago and somehow, people love it. Maybe it's the catchy melody. I guess I got sold on Rudolph years before learning that Dominick also helps Santa.

There are many more Christmas novelty songs that border on being downright bizarre. Look 'em up. I do admit, I like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" and "The 12 Pains of Christmas."

Being in the Christmas spirit, I did a quick Internet search of this year's weird news Tuesday night to get a few laughs. Here are some that I found.

–Kentucky Fried Chicken is such a popular Christmas dinner in Japan, that people have to order it ahead of time to avoid very long lines to get their chicken.

–Christmas cocktail hour at Cantina Laredo is all about the Brussels sprout margarita. The Mexican restaurant is putting a tequila twist on the frequently loathed vegetable, creating a cocktail of tequila, Grand Marnier and lime juice, infused with a Brussels sprout syrup.

–Peeps Giant Gingerbread Men: These 4-inch-tall gingerbread marshmallow treats join the ranks of the many holiday flavors now available.

–A man in Moline, Illinois has been putting up an elaborate Christmas display for years. Each year the showcase gets larger and larger with more additions, unveiling 145 decorations for the 2018 season. The most eye-catching decoration is one you can easily see over the rooftops, a 32.9-foot-tall Santa Claus. The decoration is about 3.5 feet taller than his house.

–And in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a woman has 184 Christmas trees, big and small, in her house – plus 139 different Santas and other Christmas decorations.

Talk about the 12 pains of Christmas – I'm not up for rigging up the lights on 15-plus dozen trees. One is enough!