From the editor

Photographer Appreciation Month

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 8:45am

October is Photographer Appreciation Month and on this day, Tuesday, Oct. 16 -- National Boss's Day -- I would like to thank and reminisce a bit about the wonderful photographers whom I've worked with over the years. With some, I was their boss, with others, they just cranked out great photos, contributing them to this newspaper.

Recently I gathered the reporting staff and gave them a page of quotes on photography, trying to inspire them about taking better photos and telling them that photos are as important in telling the news as their written copy. One of my favorite quotes on that list was a short and sweet one by well-known landscape photographer Ansel Adams: "You don't take a photograph, you make it."

After years of working with some wonderful photographers, I have adopted Adams' way of shooting photos. And it is evident that some of the photographers I will mention do as well.

Two of my past employees, John Edwards and Joe Orchulli II, improved their photography skills as the years went by and both won numerous awards in press association contests (Joe still is, albeit in Florida). They inspired me, a real novice when I took up photography 32 years ago, to make photos, not just take them.

Robert Mitchell -- what can I say? He has been contributing his outstanding photography to this newspaper for over 40 years. Remember his "Working Folks" features? They caught my eye every week when they ran in the early 1980s. And his black & white scenics still inspire. Now he's a featured columnist with us each week.

Michael Leonard is another great photographer who truly makes a photograph. His weather, fireworks, holiday, parade, scenic and people photos have been seen on our pages for the past five or so years. We have also featured many of his photos in our special supplements.

There are many others -- Charlie Carswell (the first photographer I worked with here), my brother Bruce Burnham, Aqui Alamo, Steve Demeranville, Bob Crink, Phil Di Vece, Ross Edwards, Leisha MacDougall, Steve Edwards, Frank Johnson, Gary Dow, the many staff members, etc., etc. -- have contributed great photos over the years (I am stopping here now as my memory is not like it used to be and I am sure I am missing a few).

So, to all the photographers who have worked hard on your craft and are continuing to do so and providing your photos for our readers to enjoy, thank you.