From the editor

Cheers, jeers, etc.

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 8:45am

This week's column is a mixture of the good, the bad and whatever else came to mind while writing on Tuesday night.

Cheers to the Edgecomb Fire Department for recruiting five junior firefighters. Fire departments all around the aging state of Maine are having trouble filling their rosters and this is a good step for keeping Edgecomb's department going.

Cheers to Mark and Dianne Gimbel for their plan to open the former Mountain Tops T-Shirts building on Pier 1 into a museum and gift store next spring. Jeers to the person commenting on this story comparing the venture to a Walmart. Mark told me this week that Paul Coulombe has agreed to let them display the ship models that had formerly been on display at Rocktide. As the article read, anyone interested in loaning their family's Boothbay Harbor historic schooner artifacts can email Mark at or Dianne at

Cheers to the Harbor Theater group for the work they have done to keep the local movie theater going during the past year. Maintaining the theater through sales, memberships, annual giving and gifts, the Friends of the Harbor Theater is moving on to its second year as of Oct. 1. Let’s keep it going. Since it is a nonprofit, all donations are tax-exempt. Checks can be made out to: Friends of the Harbor Theater, P.O. Box 507 Boothbay, ME 04537.

I knew it would happen ... Jeers to the person(s) who tore down the political signs in Boothbay Harbor this week. Hope you get caught. Please get a job or a hobby.

Finally, week after week I load the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office press release into our system and week after week there is at least one, if not four or five, car vs. deer accidents. Be alert while driving ... especially on the back roads (but deer are apt to pop into the road just about anywhere). One tip: There are many deer near my house on Back Narrows Road -- from the old Y Camp to Pleasant Cove Road. My wife kindly reminds me every time I'm driving at night, "Watch out for deer."