Y-Arts presents ‘Dear Edwina JR’

Sun, 07/11/2021 - 1:45pm

    The Boothbay Region YMCA Y-Arts group did two performances of “Dear Edwina JR” at the YMCA Saturday, July 10.

    Dear Edwina JR is about a youth theatre group, Spoonapple Repertory Theatre, trying its best to impress a talent scout to earn the final spot in the Kalamazoo Advice-a-Palooza Festival with its performance of “Paw Paw, Michigan.” The theatre group’s young director, Edwina (played by Scout Martin), wants to prove herself worthy of her high-achieving Spoonapple siblings. She has to hire an inexperienced cast member, her neighbor Bobby (played by Franz Finn), after one gets injured in an accident. Edwina also gets caught up in a few script changes, including a letter from her suitor, Scott (played by Ford Harris) which Edwina refuses to read. Later in the performance, Edwina and others discover that the talent scout fell asleep, there are disruptions galore from cast members, and finally, Scott, sings about his love for Edwina, much to her chagrin. The talent scout has a surprise ending for Edwina and her group – they want just Scott to sing the national anthem at the Advice-a-Palooza Festival and not the rest of the cast! Edwina is disappointed but her sister, Katie, reminds her that “ if you do what you love, that's the best thing of all.”

    The Y-Arts cast saw several players performing two or more roles in the comedy-drama. Directed and choreographed by Y-Arts Director Emily Mirabile, the hour-long show featured 21 songs and 21 actors and actresses. 

    Performers included Martin, Harris, Finn, Sarah Harris, Alana LaCourse, Jojo Shea, Fiona Bishop, Lina Minzer, Corinne Rogers, Nicholas Colby, Sophia Palmer, Samantha Colby, Spencer Pottle, Lila Lehouillier, Kayla Watts, Genevieve Bunge, Charlotte Ramsdell, Ireland Teele, Skyler Hyson, Cosmina Finn and Emerson Harris, who along with Pottle, Ella Watts and Tess Pancera served as crew.