Wolverines, Seahawks face Vikings on track May 18

Mon, 05/24/2021 - 12:00pm

Wiscasset Middle High School Wolverines, Boothbay Region High School Seahawks and the Winthrop High School Vikings took to the track May 18. The Vikings’ girls team took first in points, edging Wiscasset out 50 to 41 with the Seahawks taking third with five points. The Wolverines and Vikings boys teams tied for first with 53 points each, Seahawks taking second with 17 points.

Wolverines Josie Harrington, Reese Hesseltine, Gwen Webber and Emily Gilliam finished the 100m dash together ahead of all competition with times spanning less than one second: 14.17, 14.89, 15.00 and 15.15 respectively. Sadie Yeaton and Alivia Orr took seventh and eighth in 16.33 and 19.49.

Gilliam and Hesseltine finished second and third in the 200m dash in 32.78 and 32.93. Harrington took second in the high jump with 5’, just 2” under Viking Autumn Gerry, and competed in the 100m hurdles alone, in 18.94. Webber competed alone in the 300m hurdles, in 57.37.

Gilliam, Yeaton, Hesseltine and Linnea Andersson took third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the long jump with 11’6”, 10’4”, 9’8” and 8’5”..

Orr and Seahawk Marissa Davison took third and fourth in shot put with 19’ and 18’7” hurls and third and fourth in javelin with 43’10” and 34’5” throws. Davison took second in discus with a 55’2” throw.

The Wolverines took first in the 4x100m relay in 57.6. The team consisted of Webber, Gilliam, Hesseltine and Harrington.

Austin Trask, Connor Robertson, Bryan Gagnon and Tristan Pepe took second through fifth and Chancelor Blagdon and Kyle Ricker seventh and ninth in the boys 100m dash. Their times were 12.48, 12.75, 12.89, 12.92, 14.11 and 20.55 respectively. Gagnon, Pepe and Chancelor Blagdon took first, third and fifth in the 200m dash in 25.87, 28.00 and 28.59. Robertson took first and Chancelor Blagdon third in the 400m dash in 59.74 and 1:09.02.

Gilliam and Seahawk Ryan Clark took second and fourth in the 1600m run in 5:29.13 and 5:41.95. Wolverine Nate Benoit competed in the 110m hurdles alone in 24.89 and took second in the 300m hurdles behind teammate Payton Blagdon in 1:05.43 and 54.39 respectively. The Wolverines took third through sixth in the long jump: Johnny Spies with a 15’ jump; Gilliam, 12’4”; Benoit, 11’1”; and Ricker 4’6”.

Seahawk Kayden Ames and Spies took first and second in shot put and discus with 41’6” and 27’7” hurls and 121’ and 88’3” throws respectively. Ames took first in javelin with a 116’9” throw and Wolverines took third, fourth, seventh and eighth: Payton Blagdon with a 94’7” throw; Spies, 75’1”; Trask, 51’1” and Gilliam, 50’4”.

The Wolverines put up the only boys 4x100m relay team and finished in 55.64. The team consisted of Gagnon, Pepe, Payton Blagdon and Trask.