Boothbay Harbor Selectmen

WHPWA update, no home for sculpture

Footbridge public forum reminder
Posted:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 6:15pm

West Harbor Pond Watershed Association President Leslie Volpe shared the pond’s June survey findings with Boothbay Harbor selectmen and the public July 9. Out of 253 property owners, all but five took the survey – a 98 percent success rate. Volpe said the survey found 20 erosion sites. Eight were low impact, eight medium impact, and four high impact.

"These are sources of erosion with direct impact on the pond," said Volpe. "They range from small areas of bare dirt to construction areas to some road issues."

Volpe said the higher impact sites are typically more complicated and need technical expertise to repair. Several issues were found on Lakeview Road, Volpe said, and with the road scheduled to be repaved this fall, WHPWA feels it could not be a better time to talk about how pitching and crowning the road in some areas could fix some of those problems.

Volpe said the next step will be homeowner letters which may contain suggestions concerning some of the erosion sites, and a survey report which will come later and be on the WHPWA website.

Volpe shared that the estimate to replace the pond’s siphon was $150,000 and, if a Section 319 grant was sought, work would not start until November 2020. Volpe said the grant requires a 40 percent match and that there is no assurance of getting a grant.

“In the last few months, a plan has come together for a replacement siphon that could be done (this) November,” said Volpe.

WHPWA has been working with Pat Farrin and Sons, Boothbay Region Water District, and Dirigo Engineering, who have all brought the estimate down to $53,000.

“This would include labor, materials, a contingency fund and a maintenance fund,” said Volpe.

Volpe also announced that in fundraising for the estimated costs, WHPWA has raised about $30,000 from members. After opening fundraising to the community, the Association hopes to raise the rest by Sept. 15.

In followup to last meeting when sculptor Bill Royall asked to place a sculpture at Whale Park, Town Manager Tom Woodin reported Royall came in this week after examining the possible areas for installation.

“He has changed his mind,” said Woodin. “He has withdrawn his idea for putting a sculpture in Whale Park … because he thought his idea was crazy.”

Woodin said Royall is going to rethink where he might consider putting a sculpture and return to bounce the idea off the town.

Woodin gave a final reminder about a 6 p.m. Thursday, July 12 public forum on design concepts for the footbridge. Woodin said the forum will seek public input on the design. Wolf assured the public, the concepts will "shock and amaze."

"This is where you have an opportunity to really help the town make a statement about an iconic structure that we all want to see improved and still represent us well with both functionality and beauty," said Wolf.

Financial officer Julia Latter was quietly celebrating her birthday until Wolf roused the room for shouts of good wishes. Latter said the town’s revenue and expenses, year to date, total $36,305.40 and $33,751.39, respectively. The total accounts payable are $449,325.45 and the bank balance is $2,334,824.75.