From the assistant editor

Walks, Sox and very important talks: A midsummer’s reality

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 9:00am

Good job on the art of adjusting, Lucia Droby, for replacing this year’s Wiscasset Art Walks with the lower key Walk Around Wiscasset. It might boost businesses’ foot traffic like the years of summer Walks have aimed to; and even if doesn’t, or doesn’t add much to sales, it is still a nice fill-in for those who usually get their socializing at the Walks and other Wiscasset events COVID-19 took away for the year.

Let’s hope the July 30 Walk is a wave-fest to remember, with more to come.

* * * 

I don’t know if this will be a year to remember for the Boston Red Sox. They did not play their best baseball, or anyone’s best, earlier this week. But the point was, they played. Kudos to MLB players who have opted out for their or their families’ safety. And kudos to the League and this season’s remaining players for providing all of us with the tradition and diversion of watching or listening to a game, whatever the quality of play.

Just hearing Joe Castiglione’s voice on the radio was reassuring some things are still the same and maybe someday we really will be pandemic-free. 

* * *

Until then, all the area school districts and parents have their weightiest decisions ever to make this fall. Guidance keeps coming. May the hard work of planning continue with as much fervor as it began. This a test of reasoning, with failure not an option. No one wants to look back and say, if only school had stayed out longer, there would have been fewer cases. So if the schools open all or partly in-person from the outset, doing it with no, or at least few, new infections resulting will be an accomplishment the towns, the state and families can always be proud of.