From the editor

’Twas the week before Christmas

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 8:45am

’Twas the week before Christmas when I penned what’s below

Waiting ’til noon to shovel the new-fallen snow.

The emails are arriving slowly this Friday morn

So it gives me time to write … what? Once again, torn.


It’s been quite a year for the newspaper staff

Since March, we haven’t shared an in-office laugh.

Pat Schmid has manned our office since then

I’m sure it is quiet there … few visits by women and men


Yours truly has set up an office at home,

After a few weeks at the table … too easy to roam

Pushing assignments by emails, texts and calls,

Formatting copy and, on occasion, getting outside these walls.


Bill Pearson, Lisa Kristoff and Joe Charpentier,

My reporters have worked hard getting news to appear.

My assistant Susan Johns has carried the load

Editing reporters, writing her stuff from her Alna abode


Steve Edwards formats our pages from his Boothbay house

On Mondays and Tuesdays … sure it’s not quiet as a mouse

Dave Parkhurst is holed up at his home near Steve’s

Making sure the ads get published so no one gets peeved


Robin Ford does her stuff from her home in Newcastle town,

Handling billing, subscriptions, classifieds from around.

Gelarden and Mitchell send their words (and pics) from afar

Sometimes I feel we’re in our own little jar!


That leaves Sarah Morley and Kathy Frizzell,

Man, have they done so very well.

Getting businesses to support us has been quite a task

With incomes dwindling, they still have to ask.


So as we get ready to end this tumultuous year,

And keep things flowing from our homes – oh dear.

I wish all, and my co-workers, Merry Christmas and more.

Perhaps, within the new year, we can open our T. Avenue door.