Trevett Column: End of year celebrations

Posted:  Monday, January 8, 2018 - 7:45am

Well the BICA officers and trustees pulled off another amazing holiday dinner. So much delicious food and great fellowship was shared by almost 40 people in attendance. Joan’s family had driven 1,600 miles that day to attend the dinner and Brenda was excited to take home the gingerbread house raffle prize. A great job was done by all involved with a special thanks to the dishwashers.

The December tea/workshop was most successful—perhaps the best ever. Patty, Sandy, Gloria, Judy and Lorraine made sure the day went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed making the table centerpieces and wrapping the presents for the island children. Lots and lots of cookies had been baked and were shared among the participants along with Judy’s delicious tea.

Thanks are due to Evelyn, Kathleen and Judy who played Santa’s elves and delivered gifts to the island children, to Lorraine who delivered holiday food items or plants to some of the islanders, and to Paul and Paul for draining all the hall piping and putting the hall to bed for the winter.

Since the hall is sleeping for the winter months, monthly gatherings will take place in homes on the third Wednesday of the month. January’s gathering will take place at Maryanne’s home on the 17th at 6 p.m. Directions will be provided in Judy’s email reminder so if you aren’t on the email list let Judy know at Please bring an appetizer, main or side dish, or dessert to share and your beverage of choice.

A special thank you to Gage Sherman who cut the grass and plowed the parking lot all year on his own time and at no cost to BICA. This is greatly appreciated.

And a special thank you and good wishes for 2018 to all the supporters of BICA. It would not happen without you.

With this unusually cold weather we are having some of our neighbors may be having a difficult time. Keep an eye out and make sure all is well “next door.” If you know of someone who might need a little extra help, let the BICA board know. It is the mission of the BICA to assist those with needs.