From the editor

Three things

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 8:45am

Congratulations to the fall sports athletes at BRHS and WMHS for showing up and giving your best, despite having short rosters. It is nice to see some of the Seahawks and Wolverines competing together to "make it work" for the benefit of the programs. Let's hope both schools can grow in the years to come or that both communities can work out a plan to keep the sports programs in the schools. As a former athlete, I found sports competition important as a way of learning leadership, teamwork and dedication.

So, have you had to put on a sweater or coat this week? The seasons, they are a-changing. Fall is nice but it takes getting used to putting on another layer of clothes to be comfortable outside. The crisp air is too much of a reminder of the following season – with the white stuff that we all love (sorry, never have, probably never will!). So, enjoy the fall, cook up some apple crisp or bake some beans, cheer on your fall sports athletes at the local schools, and enjoy the foliage when it comes.

My wife is a die-hard Red Sox fan. She's going to watch the games until the final out of the final game, despite no playoffs this year for New England's team. For me, with the team not going to post-season play, it is somewhat disappointing, but I would rather read anyway. Also, switching the channel from the Patriots game to the Red Sox game on Sunday, it reminded me once again how slow baseball is. Don't get me wrong, both sports are wonderful in their own way, but I would rather watch a football game on TV. How about you?