From the editor

Thanks Jane

Posted:  Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 8:45am

She is one to give others credit when good things happen, but Jane Good deserves a lot of credit for starting and building what today is a thriving asset, the Boothbay Region Community Center. I remember the day she started moving things into the future center, in the vacant space which housed a bank in the Meadow Mall. Her former husband, Bruce, had a truckload of items garnered from the Rotary Auction. Bruce asked me to help unload the truck, which I did. As Jane held the doors open for us, I could feel her excitement at getting the center started. That was about two and half years ago.

Since then, Jane and others have made the facility a place for learning, a place for playing … a place for people to gather for camaraderie. Jane and her friends have worked hard to raise funds to keep the center open. She and others have asked for things and people have responded. The center has reached out to people of all ages – Jane did not want the center to be just a senior center. The number of visits has doubled since the center opened, and the center has also expanded into more space in the Small Mall portion of the Meadow Mall, to provide more programs. They even got Hawke Motors, through the generosity of donations, to secure a van for trips to events and locations around the state.

Jane got the ball rolling and she continued to do so, with help from Margaret Perritt, Shawn Lewin and others.

“You can lead the band onto the field but there’s no music without the musicians,” said Jane this week of the volunteers who have helped get the center to where it is today.

As Jane steps down as the center’s director – she does plan on staying involved to make sure the center continues to flourish – we just want to say, thanks for being such a great “band leader” and if Phil Roberts could round up 75 more trombone players, we could hold a parade for you.