From the editor

Thankful for many things

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 8:45am

"I guess we don't have it too bad," is what I hear a lot while sitting down to watch the morning or evening TV news with my wife.

"No, I guess we don't," is my usual reply.

Mass shootings, the wildfires in California and Greece and the Washington, D.C. merry-go-round/circus have seemed to dominate the news this year. Then there were the major hurricanes in the Carolinas and Florida, the floods in Ohio and West Virginia and drought throughout the Southwest.

We had a hellish March with four nor'easters and a powerful windstorm on Sept. 6 (with wind gusts of over 65 mph), but for the most part, we don't suffer a lot of damage or deaths (in comparison to other disasters around the country and world) due to weather events. And, knock on wood, fingers crossed, we haven't had a mass shooting.

A few months back, I inquired through this column where I might move to if I was to move. I got a lot of suggestions, but after hearing and seeing what is going on in other states this year, I am thankful I am living on the coast of Maine, despite reading on Tuesday that Maine is among the most expensive states to live in based on cost of living. I'll take the relatively low crime rate, the moderate weather and the high cost of living if it means staying alive.

With Thanksgiving next week, l think I will start a list (another one -- see last week's column) of even more things I am thankful for. Let's see, there's family, friends ...