Southport Fourth of July gathering

Sun, 07/04/2021 - 10:15am

    Light rain spoiled a Fourth of July parade but thanks to the Bruce and Medea Harris family and Southport Island Association, all was not lost on celebrating the nation’s Independence Day.

    Held in front of Southport Memorial Library at Newagen Sunday morning, the stand-up patriotic gathering featured coffee, lemonade, doughnuts, cookies and a slew of red, white and blue trinkets. Beaded necklaces, small flags, hats, streamers, pom poms, signs and more were offered for free and people proudly wore and waved the items. As the gathering grew to about 45-50 people, some kids on decorated bikes, a couple of dogs wearing patriotic garb and a few baby/toddler strollers adorned in red, white and blue showed up.