Southport Column: Changes at the library

Posted:  Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 11:00am

Much news today to start the new year. First a big thanks to Linda Brewer who has been our librarian for many years as well as the writer for some years of this column. Linda has retired as librarian although she will continue to volunteer there. Our new librarian, Nora Lally, is familiar to all recent customers as she has been Linda’s assistant. The new assistant will be Anne Maher Thompson, also a familiar person to many. Welcome to our new crew and again thanks to Linda for her many years of creative service to our community.

Two other business pieces of news from the library: one is that the library needs volunteers. Even an hour or so a week will help shelve books and complete other tasks. From my years of working in the my college library I know that being with the staff allows you to snag all the good books as they come in.

Library hours are changing too. Winter hours, Sept. 1 through June 30, will be the same days, but only on Thursdays will the library be open in the evening, now from 6 to 8. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during the day the library is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Looking ahead toward summer, the same hours will continue with the addition of Wednesdays open during the day from 9 to 4. In other words, if you are an evening user of the library, plan to be there on Thursdays.

During the months of January and February the library walls will display the works of six Southport artists: Jane Southward, Fran Scannell, Lauren Stockwell, Sue Heil Kibbe, Maria Doelp and Diane Spofford Randlett. After enjoying art classes at the Boothbay Art Foundation, these ladies have found the Southport library a congenial place to continue sharing their art and the camaraderie they enjoy. They gather at the library to paint on Thursday afternoons. Please stop by to visit with the artists and to view their works.

The Souper Bowl lunch, sponsored by the Library Aides, is approaching quickly on Monday, Jan. 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Southport Town Hall. This popular event is a great way to warm up, take nourishment, and visit with island friends as well as to raise money for the library.

Also from the library comes news of Kathy Barter’s progress. She is still at Maine Medical Center and still carrying some fever from pneumonia and encephalitis, but she is now able to sit in a chair and recognized her mother, Betty Goulette, and son, Scott Barter, when they arrived Sunday enough to ask about Dad. Please continue to keep Kathy and family in your thoughts and prayers.

With the coming of the new year the Island Store will be closed on Sundays. Please note that this notice means only on Sundays. All other six days of the week the store will be opened and a good place to warm up, eat well, and see friends. Janet and Oliver have again set up the book swap shelf just ahead as you enter, so if the library is closed and a storm is approaching, you can pick up a book from the shelf to keep yourself entertained.

Last Tuesday, Aric Pickens was busy cooking standing rib roasts for Chiefs’ Night, hosted by the Southport firemen at the Southport Town Hall. Once a year the firemen on the peninsula are invited to come to Southport for good food, fellowship, probably sharing “war stories” and lessons learned as well. Thanks to all who keep us safe when fires get out of control.

Kit and I were only the second persons to return our Safety Check form to the Southport Town Hall. Forms are available in the town office for those who voluntarily want to register to be checked on during extreme emergencies. Although Kit and I do not think we need a check now, we do have a generator so could share a warm space and water if others need it, and someday may well need check on ourselves.

The Fearnsides have returned from visiting family over the holidays in Hickory, North Carolina. They missed most of the snowy weather driving to and fro, but did not find much more physical warmth further south.

Finally, although I did not see the yellow “skating is safe” sign flying from the town flag pole, I do see that the school pond has been cleared and have heard that a hockey game has already taken place. Those skaters must have very warm clothing!