Lincoln County Courts

Rigas sentenced in police standoff, witness tampering

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 5:15pm

Konstantinos Rigas, 31, of Boothbay Harbor was sentenced Feb. 3 for a series of convictions stemming from a May 15 police standoff in which Rigas threatened a woman with a bayonet and held police off for hours, causing the victim to escape through a third floor window and stopping traffic on Oak Street.

According to court documents, Rigas was sentenced to the Department of Corrections for Domestic Violence Assault with priors, for which he was sentenced to five years, all but two suspended, probation of four years, and 100 hours’ community service. He received 364 days in the Department of Corrections for each of six counts, including Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention; Police Standoff; and four counts of Terrorizing. He was also sentenced on two counts of Assault, for which he was fined $300 each. The court deferred disposition for one charge of Aggravated Assault stemming from the May 15 incident, and another charge of Aggravated Assault, for an incident which occurred May 1 but for which he had not been indicted. Rigas also got deferred disposition for Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening with priors.

Rigas had agreed to the guilty pleas during a dispositional conference Jan. 6, but the case was continued for sentencing.

In addition to the cases directly tied to the May 15 incident, Rigas also pled guilty to two charges of Tampering with a Witness, Informant, Juror, or Victim, one from an incident on May 22, for which he was sentenced to the Department of Corrections for three years, all suspended, probation of three years, and 100 hours of community service; and another from an incident in July, for which he received an unconditional discharge. He pled guilty to one charge of Violating Conditions of Release, receiving an unconditional discharge; and deferred disposition on 42 additional counts of Violating Conditions of Release.

In addition, Rigas had his probation revoked for a 2018 conviction of Domestic Violence Assault, and was sentenced to the Department of Corrections for 355 days. The probation violation was based on the Tampering with a Witness charge in July, which also triggered the Violating Conditions of Release charges.