Reconnecting to your creative genius- A daylong retreat

Wed, 05/24/2023 - 10:00am

We are all capable of creativity, and when we create space for it in our lives we are rewarded with vibrancy, connection, joy, and resource. Creativity, Community, and Curiosity is the mission of the Merry Barn, and we are thrilled to invite you to our first Creative Retreat June 17, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Register at

Join Merry Barn Writers’ Retreat and Wide Open Writing for a daylong retreat for women to celebrate embodied creativity. Infused with yoga, writing, voice, painting, nature, and movement, the day will fill up our stock tanks with vibrancy and resources that comes from full immersion in the creative process. Facilitated by guides whose life work is dedicated to nurturing and nourishing this life force and contained in the deliciousness that is intimate community, this retreat will open body, mind, and spirit to your full potential as artists, writers, and creative beings. Writers and creatives of all experiences are welcome.

We are thrilled to welcome multi-talented facilitators to this retreat to guide us in our morning and afternoon creative sessions.  

Body as Messenger

Dulcie and Vanessa will begin the day focusing on the Open part of Wide Open Writing. Through movement and voice and written expression, we will locate and refine the stories that are unique to our body and our lives. We’ll write and read and notice. And then write and read some more. Outdoors included, weather permitting which is to say that almost any weather permits being included.

Welcoming Flow

Morgan and Kelsy offer afternoon sessions that find their unique intersection in music, movement, color, flow state, and writing. Beginning with a Creative Flow Circle, we’ll move color to music, sharing pallets and a communal process. This circle breaks down the doors of our internal editor, and accesses the flow state of our subconscious artist. From this wide open portal, brain space filled with color and swirling memories, we’ll explore writing prompts that capture the liminal. Natural world included.

Lunch, tea, coffee, morning snacks, and chocolate included.