From the assistant editor

Picture time

Wed, 01/06/2021 - 9:00am

Doing anything fun this winter? Would you like to share your scenic or people photos of however you are playing, working, or both, outside in the snow? For the most part, as on Tuesday morning, we have not gotten a lot of snow at once so far this season, but enough is sticking around for people who like it to hopefully enjoy. If that is you, send any photos for us to consider publishing to

If you take your photo on an iPhone, please, when you send the photo(s), pick “original” size, for it is larger, and therefore sharper, than the “large” choice. Thank you. That higher resolution helps for web use and especially for the print edition.

Tell us who took the pic and, if it was not you, please include in the email their name and contact information. We will want their OK to use the photo and their name. Please name the people and/or location pictured. All our towns are beautiful, but we need to say which one we are showing.

It sounds like more work than it is. It takes about two minutes, tops, for the chance to share your or your family’s new winter memories, that may inspire the rest of us to build a snowman, too, or go for a walk, some of the things as fun and good for us as ever, when there are so many things we cannot do or cannot do the same due to the pandemic.

Week’s positive parting thought: In five months, it will be May.