From the assistant editor

2020’s local lessons

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 9:00am

It was a turbulent year in national and sometimes local politics, and a strange one for local and national sports and events amid all the change, uncertainty, illness, death and increased viral vigilance that have come with COVID-19. So what have we learned?

It wasn’t Brady or Belichick. It was Brady and Belichick.

People who steal Santas underestimate the good will of Christmas and a small town.

Some Scarecrowfest and some Wiscasset Holiday Marketfest are better than none, and Walk Around Wiscasset was a great pivot from Wiscasset Art Walk.

Fogged up glasses are better than getting sick or making others sick.

You cannot catch COVID-19 in Zoom, Youtube and UberConference meetings. Good call, towns.

Store, restaurant and town office staff, public safety staff and volunteers, and bus drivers are front line workers. Thank you.

Like so many other transplants who chose here over the rest of the world, Terry Heller is Wiscasset’s gain.

If there is any way to give students any kind of school in person, or sports or other activities, graduation, or spirit week, the schools will find it, and did.

A voice helps identify the person behind the face mask.

Bell-ringing: It isn’t just for Sundays anymore.

Candy from a drive-though Halloween tastes as sweet.

Week’s positive parting thought: Someday, there will be plays again, and parades that are not drive-through, and town meetings with fudge, handshakes and smiles. We just have to keep wearing masks and do all else we can, to see that day.